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Energy Saving Tips for Renters

This article is by a great company called Positive Charge. Positive Charge is a not-for-profit social enterprise. They describe themselves as energy experts who provide independent advisory services and programs to help households, community groups and businesses to save energy and money. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions at scale across a number of local government areas.

Positive Charge first came to our attention when they coordinated a bulk buy for solar panels with in the council area of one of our team. The offer was a great one, there was no pushy sales people only very helpful people, the installation process was smooth and professional. Positive Charge don’t just help home owners and businesses, they are also very aware of the renters and their needs. So here is their top tips for saving money in your rental property:

  1. Install energy efficient LED lighting. LEDs cost a fraction of the amount to run compared to incandescent or halogen lighting. If you have halogen downlights you may be eligible to get your lights replaced for free. To find out more visit our LED page here.
  2. Draught proofing – in most instances you don’t need your landlord’s permission to install simple draughtproofing. If you have a sewing machine you can even make your own door snake! Here’s a pattern!
  3. Install Renshade or other reflective window dressing, to keep the summer heat out. See the windows article here to explain more about how it works and when to use it.
  4. Stick bubble wrap on your skylight to offer insulation – bubble wrap can also be good on windows.
  5. Install a chimney balloon in any unused chimneys. For more visit this link.
  6. Switch to a less expensive and more planet friendly electricity retailer. For more visit here.
  7. Buy energy efficient appliances and consider replacing older appliances – such as fridges (which are on 24/7) with newer and more efficient ones. For help with comparing models visit this government website.
  8. Wash your clothes in cold water – this could save you over $100 per year on electricity and will help your clothes last longer!
  9. Remember to flush the heat out of your home in Summer, by opening windows once the sun goes down.
  10. Keep yourself cool with fans and a spritz of water. If your home is unbearably hot in summer then contact your landlord to consider insulation. Read here about how one Positive Charge subscriber managed to negotiate a great arrangement to insulate her own apartment.

To read more advice for renters from Positive Charge, click this link here.

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