2016 12 Christmas Notice To Vacate

What do you do when you get a notice to vacate just before Christmas?

It happens a lot. You’re planning your Christmas and New Years and everything’s organised for the holiday season… then you get a notice to vacate the house you’ve been renting. What can already be a stressful time suddenly becomes even harder because in between juggling family, finishing up work, shopping for Christmas and organising for a great new years which is suddenly not so great.

On top of all of that, you now have to start looking for a new house to make your home. Moving home is one of the highest stress situations, add to that the searching of the Melbourne rental market and many people are intimidated and frustrated. Applications are desperately put in on any reasonable looking property because you just want to get it sorted so you can focus on what is meant to be a happy time of year.

Tenants Union of Victoria have put together a number of bullet pointed lists to describe the different types of Notice to Vacate which can be served on a tenant. These lists cover the reason for the notice to vacate and what you can do about it if you don’t agree. If you need advice or assistance you can call TUV on their tenants help line: (03) 9416 2577 or contact them via their other methods listed here.

Whatever you do, try not to get overwhelmed because it is a process of elimination and application. If you break it down into steps and don’t get panicked into taking whatever comes along. If you reframe it, you have an opportunity to improve your situation as many tenants quit their property just before Christmas and many houses are empty and landlords are motivated to get great tenants.

It happens with a lot of properties around Melbourne and it’s a great opportunity for a happy change. Make your lists of needs and wants and go searching, that Notice to Vacate may actually be a blessing in disguise. Sadly nothing makes moving a blessing, it’s a curse that you just have to get through!

©2016 G. Brett for Harrods Real Estate