Harrods is a boutique agency specialising in management, maintenance and sales of residential properties. We are a team of accountable, results driven professionals who love their jobs!


I tried managing my own investment property for a couple of years and realised that even with great tenants, it's a painful and time consuming task. I outsourced to Nicole...read more

I'm a busy professional and don't have time to micro-manage my investment property or keep following up with tenants or real estate agents. I trust Harrods to get the job...read more

As a property owner, finding a person to manage your assets is very daunting and finding someone proficient can be very problematic. Nicole is hands down the best property manager...read more


Why You Need Landlord Insurance

Why you need Landlord insurance

Becoming a property investor can be incredibly rewarding and as a landlord you will expect a financial return on renting your property. As with all investments there will be a…

What Do You Do When You Get A Notice To Vacate Just Before Christmas?

What do you do when you get a notice to vacate just before Christmas?

It happens a lot. You're planning your Christmas and New Years and everything's organised for the holiday season... then you get a notice to vacate the house you've been renting.…

Christmas Can Be A Good Time To Put Your House On The Market

Christmas can be a good time to put your house on the market

Everyone is too busy working out their Christmas plans to think about buying a property at this time of year - right? Well not necessarily. Christmas can be a good time…