2016 05 Selling Your Property

The Choice guide to selling your property

This very handy guide to selling your property has been published by Choice magazine, the unbiased guide for consumers. It covers such things as choosing your agent, what to look for from an agent, avoiding the ‘quoting’ trap, agents commissions, agency agreements, what kind of sale to choose and some case studies. Very much worth a read!

A real estate agent’s primary focus is winning the contract to sell your property. In comparison to getting your business, selling your home can be easy.

So, bearing this in mind, who should you believe when you ask agents to assess your property’s value? You can expect the agents to give a range of opinions about the market value of your property, particularly for unusual properties or those in rising markets, but how much of this is genuine disagreement and how much is part of the sales tactics?

How to choose the right real estate agent to get you the best price.

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