2016 08 Spring Blossom

Do your maintenance in spring and save in summer!

It’s spring and time to check your property to make sure there aren’t any problems left behind over winter. Here are our top tips for tenants and property managers to look at in spring.


  • Have you got any leaking gutters or pipes? Have you had any larger than usual water bills? If you have, tell your property manager as leaks in pipes and gutters can cause damage to the property (not to mention higher water bills for you).
  • If you have a range hood over your stove, pull out and clean the filter. This will save you money buying new filters because the old one is gunged up and unusable. Metal ones can be taken out and run through the dishwasher, or if they’re really greasy use a professional degreaser which you can buy online or at a hardware store.
  • Run your hot water service’s release valve monthly. It helps your water heater efficiency, which saves you money and also stops any corrosion or mineral buildup, which could mean the hot water service would need to be replaced sooner (which is cost to your landlord and annoyance to you being without hot water).
  • Replace the batteries on smoke alarms when they start to beep. Not only is it illegal to not have working smoke alarms, it could save your life!
  • Keep the inside of the property tidy and clean. Regular cleaning also means any issues that may occur can be found and reported quickly.
  • Keep the yard weeded, lawns mowed and trees & shrubs trimmed. Not only does it look better, it can help prevent damage to the property which could lead to repairs and disruption to your life.
  • If you find any damage or issues with the property, take photos and send them to your property manager with a note stating the date and description found the problem. We recommend using email as it’s date stamped, efficient and you can request a return receipt to show it’s been read.

Property Managers

  • Check exterior drainage, look for sunken areas around the property where pipes may have broken during winter rains. Ask your tenant if they’ve had any larger than usual water bills. Look for puddles around the property and make sure the down
  • Get your handyman or plumber to go out and clean out the gutters and check all the downpipes and drainage (especially if you see puddles around the house as above)
  • Check the exterior of the house, look for any cracks especially around the foundations. Check the paint on the exterior and make sure there are no holes in any brickwork.
  • Send out your plumber to service any installed air conditioning systems ready for summer. This will save emergency callouts and overheated upset tenants when the hot summer weather hits.
  • Check all the fly screens on windows and doors. If the damage was from the tenant, suggest they replace it. If it’s general wear and tear, it’s a handyman’s job.
  • Look at the plants around the house. The tenants should, in theory, be keeping the yard and property tidy but winter is not conducive to outdoor gardening. If there are plants growing over the fence, or over the property a gentle hint to the tenant to tidy up the growth would work. Plants can grow into the structure of the house and cause damage over time, best to keep it maintained and under control.
  • Check that trees have not grown into the electricity and any other cables into the house. If they have, the trees need to be trimmed back. This is also helpful for bushfire prone areas and keeping leaves and other debris out of the gutters once they’re cleaned out.
  • Organise the inspection and testing of the property’s smoke alarm (required by law) to ensure safety for tenants and protection for the landlord’s property.